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Ride with the wind!

The eScooter E300SE Launch Edition is the first powerful and high-speed vehicle from the L3e-A1 market of Segway. It stands out with its 5-star performance equipped with the latest innovative technology.

The new motor configuration produces the maximum output of power ever, with an extreme acceleration that can be achieved from 0 to 50km/h in 2.9 secs. In addition to the power, design and smart features, the combination of ABS and smart TCS (Traction Control System) provides further safety and control features to reduce the risk of spin. Finally, with the option to have up to 3 batteries* for expandable range, a max. speed of up to 105 km/h, the E300SE is the perfect vehicle to reach your destination!

*(3rd battery sold separately)

Challenge the electric and powerful acceleration!

Challenge the electric and powerful acceleration!

Get ready to be amazed by the incredible performance of the Segway eScooter E300SE!

10 kW max. power

200 Nm max. torque

105 km/h max. speed

Moreover, you will enjoy the extreme acceleration that can be reached from 0 to 50km/h in 2.9 secs without any roaring noise.

Self-developed Smart Battery Management System

Self-developed Smart Battery Management System

4000Wh Energy

Double 74V 27Ah battery packs

Segway BMS 6.0

20+ safety protections


Waterproof resistant

Support Additional 3rd battery

Support Additional 3rd battery

Standard equipped with 2 batteries of 2000 WH, you can add one more for increasing the range by 50% (3rd battery is sold separately).

Safer and More Stable with Smart TCS

Segway's self-developed Smart TCS (Traction Control System) enables multi-braking just by one trigger. TCS not only prevents the wheels from slipping but also improves acceleration performance, improve the ability to climb. You can fully feel the sense of safety in rainy, snowy conditions.

Safer and More Stable with dual channel ABS

To increase your safety, a dual-channel ABS braking system was integrated into the E300SE to ensure stable braking while preventing brake locking and skidding. The grip remains at its best even under emergency braking thanks to the front and rear hydraulic disc brakes with J.JUAN dual-piston callipers.

HC420 Alloy Steel main

HC420 Alloy Steel main

The main steel frame of the eScooter enables a stronger, more stable, smooth drive with high speed. With high strength, it generates a good balance without handlebar and frame shaking, improve the flexibility of connection between the body and the rear suspension, and makes it confident to change lane.

Easy ride on various road conditions

Easy ride on various road conditions

An eScooter with a suspension system opens riders to a new class of more reliable and adaptable scooters for different surfaces.

Front Suspension

Shock Absorber: Hydraulic & Spring

Preload adjustable Rear Suspension

Combination of Pressurized nitrogen & Spring

Benefit from an ergonomic ride!

Benefit from an ergonomic ride!

The Segway eScooter E300SE was designed to find the perfect balance to make your riding a safe, pleasant and high-quality experience as possible.

Class-C Matrix LED Front Light

The LED headlight of E300SE easily copes with night commuting or even on a foggy day so you can ride with a piece in mind. You can illuminate your path ahead with a shining distance of 21m (low beam) and 70m (high beam).

Embracing integrated rear light

The embracing integrated rear light will make you easily visible to other drivers and eliminate possible dangers.

Floating Colorful LED Dashboard

Floating Colorful LED Dashboard

The floating LED dashboard clearly displays all the necessary information such as riding mode, speed, range, battery level, and key signs (turning lights, error code, READY sign etc.) Bluetooth connectivity and more. It is visible and clear even under strong light, but it turns the full-screen black when the vehicle is locked.

Segway MoleDrive X600 Controller

Segway MoleDrive X600 Controller

Redefine two-wheeler driving feeling. Not only powerful but also smooth.

Self-developed OPD

Just throttle can control not only your acceleration but energy recovering braking. The rapid response brings you fantastic manoeuvrability and agility.

Stepless adjustment energy recovery

Not only smoothly braking, but also you will have:

- Extending the electric range

- Extending mechanical brake life

- Shorter braking distance

Riding with multi-modes

Riding with multi-modes

• Assist Mode: Push assistance (when parking for example) with a maximum speed of 4km/h; Full torque is driven.

• Eco Mode: Better for long-range performance; Self-adaptive torque driven; Automatic energy recovery

• Coast Mode: Ideal for cruising in the city with passive energy recovery; Full torque is driven.

• Sport Mode: For furious riding with active energy recovery; Full torque is driven.

• Cruise mode: Bring extra comfort during your ride, by simply pressing the button on the handlebar!

780 mm Long Seat

780 mm Long Seat

The perfect reasonable seat division will provide you with enough stability on acceleration. Both driver and passenger can have a comfortable mid-long trip on the spacious seat.

Take all you need with you!

Take all you need with you!

34L Storage Space

17L Remaining Storage Space

After installing the 3rd battery*

*Sold separately

Smart connectivity

Smart connectivity

To benefit from all the technologies that your eScooter can offer, all you need is a smartphone. Segway-Ninebot App offers plenty of convenient functionalities such as:

- Airlock system to easily (un)lock your eScooter without a key

- Password unlock

- Real-time vehicle information (range, battery, riding modes, etc.)

- Remote control

- Smart notification: low battery, unusual vibration or movement of vehicle etc.

- Automatic SOS

- and much more!

Convenient for your trip

Convenient for your trip

USB & Type C charging ports

Charge your smartphone!

Extra space for your convenience

Small umbrella, a bottle of water, etc...

Hook for holding belongings

So your bag doesn’t fall off!

GPS positionning, tracking anytime

GPS positionning, tracking anytime

Anti-theft triggered by AHRS

Anti-theft triggered by AHRS

Thanks to the AHRS (Attitude and

Heading Reference System),

your eScooter is protected

against theft.

- Abnormal movement alert

- Battery disconnected notification

- Toppling alert




  • Smart Electric Scooter E300SE
  • This vehicle requires the A1 (125 cc) Driving Licence, please check your local regulations
  • Range up to 130 km*, expandable with 3rd battery (sold separately)
  • WMTC range: up to 85 km WMTC stage 3
  • Maximum speed up to 105 km/h with strong acceleration
  • Maximum power of 10KW
  • Segway self-developed Smart TCS (Traction Control System)
*Max range: The accumulated range of the vehicle tested at 45 km/h speed with 165 Ibs (75 kg), 77°F (25℃), wind speed ≤ 3m/s on a paved road until no more power remains.


Voltage - Ampere Hours 74V- 27AH * 2
Maximum Speed (km/h) Up to 105 km/h
Maximum Range (km) Up to 130 km*
WMTC range (km) Up to 85 km WMTC stage 3
Charging time Up to 3 hours for one battery; up to 5.5 hours for two batteries
Acceleration From 0-50 km/h within 2.9 secs
Product Parameters
Maximum payload 280 kg
Space under Seat (in Litres) 34 L
Seats (One or two person(s)) Max. two persons
Water resistance IPX5 for eScooter, IPX7 for battery
Type of battery Li-ion
Battery weight 12.6 kg per battery
Smart Battery Management System Yes
Battery capacity 2000 WH per battery pack
Removable battery Yes
Nb. of Batteries included 2, but possibility to add an extra battery (sold separately)
Rated power 7.8 kW
Maximum power 10 kW
Motor manufacturer QS Motor, Powered by Segway
Motor position (Rear or front) Rear
Maximum Torque 200 N.m
Traction Control System (TCS) Yes
Front brake Hydraulic Disc Brake ; 220mm-4mm
Rear brake Hydraulic Disc Brake ; 180mm-3.5mm
ABS - Anti-lock braking system Yes, dual channel ABS
EABS - Electronic Assist Braking System Yes
Digital Dashboard Yes, digital & VA panel
Battery Level Indicator 10-Segment display
Information on dashboard Direction Indicator/Bluetooth/Passing Beam & Driving Beam Headlamps/Cruise Control/Riding Modes/Malfunction Indicator/Vehicule Error/Lock/Battery Level/Battery Charge/Speed/Status/Range/Time/Ready Indicator/ABS indicator
Status indicator lights RGB LED: Power/Speed/Turn indication
Connectivity Indicator Bluetooth Sign
Tyre type - Front 100/70-12, tubeless tyre
Tyre type - Rear 120/70-12, tubeless tyre
Front Suspension Shock absorber: Hydraulic & Spring
Front Suspension Stroke length: 80 mm
Rear Suspension Shock absorber: Adjustable Nitrogen air & Spring
Rear Suspension Stroke length: 60 mm
Smart features
USB connection Yes
Smart handle bar lock No
RideyGo! Yes
Ninebot AirLock Yes
Parking sensor Yes
Electric Controlled Unlock of Seat Bucket Yes
OTA (Over-The-Air) Updates Yes
Remote control Lock Yes
Black Box + SOS Yes
4G SIM subscription Free data subscription for the first 2 years, then renewable for fees.
Remote Control Lock Yes
Sitting sensor No
Other Characteristics
Cruise Control Yes
Seat height 780 mm
Dimension L x W x H 1855 x 680 x 1175 mm
Wheelbase (mm) 1360 mm
Type of vehicle
Category and sub-category of vehicle L3e-A1
*Max range: The accumulated range of the vehicle tested at 45 km/h speed with 165 Ibs (75 kg), 77°F (25℃), wind speed ≤ 3m/s on a paved road until no more power remains.

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