[hero] Ninebot KickScooter F2 Plus

Ninebot KickScooter F2 Plus

Powered by Segway

New Frontier for Commuting

[hero] More Mileage with More Safety

More Mileage with More Safety

The Ninebot F2 Plus KickScooter powered by Segway is the perfect fit for daily commuting. With a long range of up to 55 km and a maximum motor output of 800W, you can easily cruise through the city and join your beloved ones! The F2 Plus offers you everything you need such as a dual braking system, built-in indicators, Traction Control System (TCS), self-healing tyres and more. Thanks to the intelligent functions and high performance, the F2 Plus will become your essential tool!

Maximum range up to 55 km (34.2 miles)
Maximum speed up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph)
10 inch Tubeless Pneumatic Tyres with jelly layer
2 brakes: front disc and electronic rear brakes
Up to 20% Easy Climbing
Rear-wheel drive with max. power of 800W
Anti-skid Traction Control System
Built-in front and rear indicators for safe commuting
Enjoy Your City Ride

Enjoy Your City Ride

The Ninebot KickScooter F2 Plus upgrades its battery capacity of 460Wh to provide you a longer riding on a single charge. You can now enjoy the city or your surroundings with a range of up to 55km*.

*Theoretical Range: Tested while riding with a full battery,75 kg (165 lbs) load, 25°C (77°F), at the speed of 16 km/h (9.9 mph) on average on pavement.

Some of the factors that affect range include speed, number of starts and stops, ambient temperature, etc.

Anti-skid TCS For Worry-Free Riding

Anti-skid TCS For Worry-Free Riding

Segway-Ninebot takes the lead in introducing the Traction Control System (TCS) technology in the KickScooter industry. The F2 Series was developed with Ninebot's delicate controller algorithm to precisely control the KickScooter and has increased traction on gravel tracks or slippery roads for stability and safety.

Upgraded 10-inch self-sealing tyres

Upgraded 10-inch self-sealing tyres

The upgraded 10-inch self-healing tubeless tyres make your riding smoother even on bumpy roads or rough terrains and more stable with its 58mm of width. In addition, the jelly layer prevents puncture without maintenance, so you can ride with piece of mind!

Dual Brake System Ensure Safety

Dual Brake System Ensure Safety

Equipped with a front disc brake and an electronic rear brake, the F2 Series KickScooters ensures faster and more stable braking for the rider.

Protect You on Every Turn You Take

Thanks to the built-in front and rear indicators you will be visible during the day/night. By showing the way you are going to the others, the indicators ensure safety and decrease danger when making a turn.

Light Up Your Way

To increase your safe ride days and nights, the 2.1W high-brightness LED front light will show the path ahead up to 13.5 meters long illumination distance for clear on-road riding.Also the F2 sereis comes with front, side and rear E-MARK-certified reflectors enhancing night visibility or low-lighting conditions.

Ergonomically Designed For Your Comfort

Ergonomically Designed For Your Comfort

The F2 series has been designed with wider handlebars for more stability during your ride and add more space for accessories, like a phone holder!

Durable and Waterproof KickScooter

Durable and Waterproof KickScooter

With a build of high-strength steel, the IPX5 waterproof KickScooter is ready to use for tough challenges.


KicKScooter Body


Battery Pack

Smart BMS, Smart Riding

Smart BMS, Smart Riding

Thanks to the Segway-Ninebot advanced Battery Management System (BMS) with 7 in total protection mechanism ensures the longevity of the battery cells and your safety at all times.

- Short circuit protection

- Overcurrent protection

- Double protection from overcharging

- Double protection from over-discharging

- Temperature protection

- Low voltage auto-sleep protection

- and Customizable charging limit

Get ready for a long ride you have never experienced before!

Choose your mood for riding!

Choose your mood for riding!

Three riding modes for every occasion: further, faster or both, It is up to you! Depending on your mood, you can choose to ride to a long distance with ECO mode, a fast ride with Sport mode or a combination of the two with Drive mode! It is even easier to switch the riding modes by double-pressing the button on the dashboard. You can also activate the Walk mode (5 km/h max. speed) on the mobile App.

The new feature of the F2 Series (except on the D version) allows you to customize its Sport Mode on the Segway-Ninebot mobile App. This way, you can manage maximum speed and most of all acceleration to boost your fast mood!

Manage your Trip on Your Smart App

Manage your Trip on Your Smart App

Your Smart Riding Assistant:

- Bluetooth connection

- Lock and unlock your KickScooter

- Riding status and remaining battery

- Firmware update

- Activate ''Walk mode''

- and so much more!

Track your KickScooter with Apple Find My network

Track your KickScooter with Apple Find My network

Thanks to Apple Find My network, you can locate your KickScooter anywhere! After enabling Apple Find My via Segway-Ninebot App and pairing it with your KickScooter, you can quickly locate your KickScooter when needed via the ''Find My'' App on your iPhone.

Only available for users of Apple devices of iOS 14.5, iPad OS 14.5 and Mac OS Big Sur 11.1 and above.

F2 Plus E

F2 Plus E

  • Range up to 55km
  • F2 Plus E: maximum speed up to 25 km/h
  • 10-inch tubeless self-sealing tyres with jelly layer (no maintenance)
  • 2 brakes: disc brake (front) and electronic rear brake (back)
  • Power (nominal/max.): 400W/800W
  • Anti-skid Traction Control System (TCS)
*Please check and follow the latest laws and traffic regulations in your country, if and where these products can be used.


Minimum age 14+ years
Max. rider weight 120 kg (265 lbs)
Dimensions and Weight
Product dimension - Unfolded 1143.5 × 570 × 1214 mm
Product dimension - Folded 1143.5 × 570 × 484 mm
Net weight 17.7 kg (9 lbs)
Range Up to 55 km (34.2 miles)
Range in Standard Mode (D) Up to 45 km (20 km/h)
Range in Sport mode (S) Up to 40 km (25 km/h)
Range in Eco mode (E) Up to 55 km (15 km/h)
Product Parameters
Speed Up to 25 km/h (15.5 mph)
Water resistance IPX5
Battery capacity 460 Wh
Smart Battery Management System Yes
Charging time Approx. 8 hours
Climbing angle Up to 20%
Power output 400 W
Maximum power 800W
Wheel drive Rear wheel
Traction Control System (TCS) Yes
Brake Disc brake (front) and electronic brake (rear)
Lights Front (2.1 W high power) and Rear LED lights
Rear brake light Yes
Ambient lights No
Integrated Indicators Yes, front and rear
Tyres type Tubeless Pneumatic Tyres with jelly layer: self-sealing tyres
Tyres size - Front 254 mm / 10 inch
Tyres size - Rear 254 mm / 10 inch
App monitor Yes
Bluetooth Yes
NFC technology (for un/lock) No
Apple Find My Yes
Other Characteristics
Folding mechanism Easy folding (Require hands)
Info display Full coloured info dashboard display
Information on LED Screen Colour LED (speed, remaining power, modes, maintenance, bluetooth connection, left/right direction indicator)
Riding modes 3 Riding modes (Eco, Drive, Sport); 1 Walk Mode
Customizable Sport mode Yes (except for the D version)
Cruise Control No
Certified reflectors Yes (front, rear and side E-MARK reflectors)
Bell Press bell
Insurance Plate Holder Yes
USB C port No
*Please check and follow the latest laws and traffic regulations in your country, if and where these products can be used.

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