Segway attended Borderpol Global Forum 2016

To promote Segway Patrollers

Amsterdam, December 9, 2016 – Segway is devoted to develop products that are highly interactive and encourage a smart and secure way of living, for consumers as well as professionals. Currently more and more of our Segway Patrollers are being used to support security initiatives all over the world.
On 6-8 December 2016, in co-operation with Segway Hungary, Segway was well represented on the annual Borderpol Global Forum in Budapest. Borderpol has been operational for 8 years as a non-profit organisation bringing together people and sharing knowledge, experience and best practices from the top levels of land, sea and air border security.
During the event a congress took place for political, federal and commercial leaders tasked with protecting the world's borders. The Borderpol congress focuses on the most pressing issues in international border security within the areas of airport security, anti-trafficking, civil society, counter terrorism, customs, cyber security, immigration and maritime security.
Made with the greatest care and high quality durable material, the Segway i2 SE and x2 SE models are extremely reliable for activities that require a significant command presence and additional stability. All of our Segway PT products are comfortable with many types of terrain. An ideal match for missions that require speed, but still require a rider to frequently mount and dismount the vehicle.
We are convinced that our Segway Patrollers made an interesting contribution to the congress and will continue to make useful contributions to security operations all around the globe.
Segway i2 SE